Basic Representation

Basic Representation Package – $100 Annual Subscription*
Plus Commission on Artwork Sales
*Annual Subscription must be paid directly to Westward Connections Inc., our web services provider. You will receive a Paypal billing from Westward Connections once your gallery affiliation has been approved or you can expedite the process once your affiliation is approved by submitting your payment now.

Package Includes:

  • Gallery Representation
  • Your Artist Profile page on our gallery website
    Artist Statement and Bio  - Includes space for artist portrait and a Yahoo Flickr® display of your artwork images. Flickr accounts are free. A Yahoo ID is required to open a Flickr account. If, for any reason, you cannot complete this task on your own, for an additional set-up fee of $25 plus $5 per image, Barbara will properly size your images and upload them to a special Flickr account where she will tag them properly for inclusion on your artist profile page. Using the Flickr application enables you to control which pictures are visible on our website and when. All you need to do is make sure you keep you artwork in sets and collections separate from any images you upload for other purposes.   (Need help to open your Flickr account? Watch this video on YouTube or read this Newbie’s Guide to Flickr.)
  • The artwork images you want to appear in your Don Terra Artworks artist profile page must be made available for public viewing and tagged with the word “Donterra”. Email Barbara your Flickr photostream link or Flickr ID (go to idGettr.com to get your Flickr ID) and she will add the Flickr application to your artist profile page.  See example of what’s needed below (click on image for larger version):
    Getting Your Flickr ID from idGetterFrom that point on you will be able to manage the photos that appear on your Don Tterra page from your Flickr account. Our Flickr application limits you to a maximum of 20 images for a slideshow so if you end up with more images you would like to show on your Don Terra artist profile page, all you have to do remove the “Donterra” tag from some of the older images tagged in your Flickr account to make room for the new. Each artist is responsible for their Flickr account setup and management.Important: Artwork image sizes uploaded to Flickr or to our shopping cart should not exceed  those stated on our Product Images page. Larger images will be cut off in your Flickr feed to our website and will cause your shopping cart product pages to load slowly for the shopper. For more assistance with Flickr, be sure to review the Flickr FAQs, particularly the FAQs on Photos and Tags.
  • For an example of pages featuring artwork displays using Flickr, please see the artist profile of Dorothy Freudenberg.

NOTE: Also upload your artist photo image to your Flickr account and email the image link to Barbara at donterra dot com.  Thank you.

Flickr IDs look like this: 37982276@N03 (Barb’s Flickr ID). A Flickr photostream link looks like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/BarbTUSA

For more information on how artists should be using Flickr to promote their artwork, please read The Artist’s Guide to Flickr (a Mashable publication)

You will also need to upload your artwork images and their descriptions directly to our shopping cart. For specifications on preparing images for use in our online shopping cart and taking advantage of our other art promotion opportunities, please see our Product Images page.

Note:Basic Artist Representation  Click to download PDF File of this page (white background, black print) .



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